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Who We Are



Woldt & Co. is a family-owned company and started with just one person. We opened our doors the day after Christmas 2020 during the pandemic of Covid-19 and with god's blessing, we haven’t stopped growing since.


Our collection of furniture & mattresses is of the finest quality and craftsmanship.


Home is where the heart is and our place of peace and we want to help you fill your home with pieces that bring peace and comfort.


We have a culture of Value, Quality, & Excellence. We strive to bring all of these to you in every aspect of our company. We actively look for new and trending pieces that we feel are a great value and top shelf quality for you to fill your space. Along with searching for new furniture, we look for new ways we can make your experience better.


Our Company is dedicated to help you furnish your space with ease and excitement by offering you a different feel than your average furniture store. Our main focus is to create happiness and relaxation through your experience with us. We are highly concentrated on your experience, so please let us know where we can grow.





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